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Welcome to A J Organica Pvt. Ltd.TM

AJ Organica Pvt. Ltd.TM is a pioneering drug development company. Our mission is to develop medicines at fraction of cost of large pharmaceutical companies and bring these to patients.

With collaboration and license form YewSavin, USA. AJ is accelerating drug development through our “for what so ever things are true” approach. This Approach involves principles of Modern and ancient medicine.

Therefore, the efficiency and safety of medicines is nearly assured. The efficacy and toxicity is confirmed and verified on each of the A J formulations. So, the patients are assured of ‘Best of the two world medicines’. We are inviting select leading physicians to join the “preferred Physician’s net work“ to bring these medicines to patients.

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How are we different?
  • AJ’s Molecula(yu)r medicine is a revolutionary approach to pharmacology
  • It harnesses modern knowledge of molecule-protein interactions and ancient pharmacology
  • Thereby ensuring Safety, Sureity and Standardization

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