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Nelli-Cam 500TM

  • Nelli-Cam500 (Standardized aqueous extract of P amarus) is the 1st. product developed by A J Organica as a Anti-viral and Hepato-protective in the treatment of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Nelli-Cam, with its technology from YewSavin, USA is trying to bring plant-based medicines with identified Bio-markers to assure the patient of Safety, Surety (Efficacy) & Standardization and proven by Protein-Molecule Interactions
  • Nelli-Cam is approved as Ayurvedic preparation but in contrast to market drugs , it is certified to contain such active molecules which have long use history with no toxicity
  • Nelli-Cam is a “best of the two worlds” formulation.
  • It conforms to Ayurvedic Medicine with very low toxicity index but in addition, efficacy is assured using our single molecule –protein interactions using ELISA, and HPLC methods for bio-markers, assuring quantitative efficacy.